Since 2015 Heartrunner Sweden AB has provided the technical platform for the SMSLivräddare project in Stockholm. In the beginning it was a research project, led by the Center for Resuscitation Science at Karolinska Institutet, with the aim to evaluate if bystander CPR rates increased when volunteers were alerted. The results showed an 30 % increase in bystander CPR rates in cases where volunteers were alerted through their cellphones. (Ringh et al. NEJM 2015)

Today the system is fully operational and there are over 75 000 volunteers ready and willing to aid a fellow citizen suffering a cardiac arrest. 

Ongoing research in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet has the aim to evaluate survival benefits if volunteers are alerted to AEDs using the Heartrunner system. Since 2016, during the pilot phase, more than 1 500 alerts on suspected cardiac arrest has been issued in Stockholm and the overall AED use has increased with volunteers responding to alerts. 


Since October 2016 volunteers in Gothenburg and whole of Västra Götalandsregionen are alerted using Heartrunner system. After the first months in the region over 5 000 volunteers were active and ready to aid a fellow citizen suffering a cardiac arrest.

Västra Götalandsregionen currently participate in the AED/survival study conducted by Karolinska Institutet but the prehospital administration has also performed a quality control project during the past year showing an increase in CPR and AED use.

It´s too early at this stage to conclude the full effect concerning SCA survival since the introduction of the Heartrunner system in Västra Götalandsregionen but the use of AEDs in has increased dramatically.


In corporation with TrygFonden in Denmark the Heartrunner system is implemented iDenmark under the name, TrygFonden Hjerteløber, and the app wass released during EMS2017 in Copenhagen.

By implementing the Heartrunner system and using the TrygFonden Hjerteløber app to alert motivated volunteers to provide early CPR and use an AED the aim is to increase the use of AEDs and survival in cardiac arrest. A scientific evaluation will be performed and with sudden cardiac arrest being a national concern.

After the first 40 days of alerting volunteer lifesavers in Copenhagen media reported on two verified cases where lives were saved and store were to come! By 2018, after 12 months of active use of the Heartrunner system in Copenhagen, scientists reported a threefold increase of bystander defibrillation when volunteer heartrunners was fist on scene.

By may 1st 2020 TrygFonden Hjerteløber is active in all five Danish regions and over 90 000 volunteers has registered as Heartrunners.

We will continue to update on the results of a national coverage of citizen responders in Denmark.


The Heartrunner system is developed to be adapted to your regions needs in your effort to save lives.

The standalone cloud based MissionServer that handles the geography of suspected cardiac arrests and processes the volunteer locations can be integrated to virtually any dispatch software.

Our native app supports multiple languages and can be customised to the preferred look and feel of a customer to integrate well with current or coming projects. The app reads web content from any source and can support regional projects or campaigns as well as support volunteers with CPR reminders.

Do your region or country have an AED registry? Great! The Heartrunner system can manage and display data from AED registries and the with the system currently in use in Sweden and Denmark, it has proven to identify and alert volunteers for lifesaving attempts, and guide them to nearby AEDs or directly to the victim, before the ambulance arrives.

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