Would you assist a neighbor, colleague or a that lady in the park suffering from a cardiac arrest? Most people probably would!

But what if was the neighbor four houses down the street, the colleague on another floor in your office building, or if the lady collapsed in the park three blocks away?

Would you even know that your help was needed?

Heartrunner provides CPR educated volunteers in your community with that ability, by alerting them when help is needed nearby.

The system can also be connected with an existing AED network or AED registry and guide volunteer citizen responders to nearby AEDs.

In case of a sudden cardiac arrest the mortality increase by 10 % for every minute without lifesaving attempts.


The Heartrunner system use a stand-alone cloud based MissionServer that can be integrated to and triggered by virtually any dispatch centre/PSAP software.

We have created a multilingual native app platform (iOS & Android) for communicating with the volunteers as well as for alerting them. The app can be rebranded to the look and feel of a customer to support regional or national initiatives.

By using sophisticated location based technology readily available in cell phones we locate and alert volunteer citizen responders in case they are close to victim of cardiac arrest. This has proved to be less battery consuming than other systems and drains less than 1% over a 7-day period.

The Heartrunner system is today in use in 10 regions in Sweden and in all of Denmark and the app is downloaded over 200 000 times.


We have developed a medically approved and scientifically evaluated system that makes lifesaving skills and resources available earlier to cardiac arrest victims.

A lot of people have completed training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and know what to do in case of a cardiac arrest. But most people never get to use their skill.

More and more automated external defibrillators (AED) are spread in societies all over the world. But these lifesaving devices are often left unused even when a cardiac arrest occur nearby, since people are unaware of their locations.

The Heartrunner system gives your community the possibility to take advantage of the investments that are made in CPR education and AED installations by alerting skilled and motivated volunteer citizen responders and guiding them to nearby available AEDs.

Heartrunner bridges the gap between supply and demand in sudden cardiac arrest and increases the chance for survival!

With the Heartrunner system your region can benefit from a system scientifically proven to increase CPR rate and AED use, enable the power of volunteers in your region!